Lino Block, 12″ x 12″, Shield, 1989, Lily S. May under birth name S. Barsel

Recently I thought about a print that I made years ago. I’d printed the block on t-shirts and sold some of them. However I still have a few of the shirts neatly folded on a shelf and my husband said he’d like to wear one. That lead to my looking for a way to set the purple and red ink which I did with diluted vinegar. And that lead to my admiring the image once I saw the t-shirt on him. I often have a delayed reaction to appreciating my work.

I’m not sure I have any of this block printed on paper, but I’ll be looking through my works to see if there’s any. I had a sinking feeling that I hadn’t saved the block, but luckily I found it this morning and will print it on paper if no paper print exists.

The story of the image is this: I was having a medical test which scared me. I decided to make an image as a protective shield for myself and included anything that felt helpful to me that I could focus on during and after the test. This block is what I came up with–a mandala of sorts.

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