Painting, Printmaking

The Innocent Heart

I’ve been working on The Innocent Heart for around two weeks. I again deliberately let the piece develop as I worked as opposed to planning it ahead of time. It’s a gouache painting layered with stamps I made. It has gone through massive changes. And not until earlier this week did I recognize the work as being a dream from my childhood and accepted it as such.

The Innocent Heart, Gouache Painting with Stamps,
© Lily S. May, 2021,
11″ x 14″

2 thoughts on “The Innocent Heart”

  1. A very nice piece, sometimes it pays to just let things go! Did you carved your stamps in linoleum? Wood? You then printed them on the drawing with gouache? If only dreams were always that colourful…!

    1. Thank you. I carved the stamps in thick white erasers and pieces of rubbery printing blocks. You’re right—I then printed them with gouache.

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