I’m working on another scratchboard drawing, learning from further mistakes. And I take walks every day, in the neighbourhoods and parks in the city. On Tuesday, I was walking on a street I love, admiring the gardens and trees, the birds, the houses I passed. I took a few photos on my phone as I often do. (My resolve to not take as many photos this year as last has melted away.)

As I was walking up the street toward the avenue, I suddenly saw the beauty of old worn and overgrown steps at the side of a church I often pass. I realized I hadn’t really seen the building before–consciously, that is. So I stopped and took the follwing two photos that I turned into black and white images because that expressed the feeling I had about the scene more than the colour images they were taken in. The black, white and grey brought the images together into more of a whole for me.

Church Steps, Photo by Lily S. May, 2021
Church Steps and Door, Photo by Lily S. May, 2021

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