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Altered Prints

I’ve edited and ordered more printed copies of the drawings I showed in my last post. Meanwhile, I’ve returned to something I haven’t done for several years. That is, I’ve been folding old prints into small booklets which are sometimes called origami booklets. Here’s a link to one of those first pieces.

And here’s some photos of the booklet I’ve just made from a piece of a linocut I carved and printed in 1972. I’ve kept other untouched copies of the print and marked this one with felt pens and water soluble crayons and I’ve glued parts of the paper to itself. I love the element of surprise in these altered prints–the many shapes these booklets can take.

13 thoughts on “Altered Prints”

      1. Hi again. I thought to tell you that I originally learned about making folded booklets in Cover to Cover by Shereen La Plantz. It was published in 1995, but there’s probably lots of additional information online these days.

  1. A freestanding picture like the fourth made me wonder if you’ve ever considered scaling one of these books up into a sculpture. The “pages” would be metal, and you’d have to find coatings that would convey the colors (and maintain them if the sculpture were erected outdoors).

    1. That’s quite an idea that has got me imagining such a sculpture in one of the gardens, woods or rural settings I’ve seen on travels around Ontario. It’s not something I have ever thought of doing myself, though I’m always aware of the sculptural nature of these booklets. It’s part of why I enjoy making them.

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