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On a Walk in November

On November 20, I went to the Brickworks, a park in Toronto, for a walk in the afternoon. It had been a cloudy week but that Friday the sun was shining and the temperature was abnormally warm—18 degrees Celsius.

At the Brickworks, I took out my phone to photograph a scene that I found beautiful. My attention was focused on the yellow leaves and their reflection in the pond. So I was surprised by what the camera had recorded. Yes, there is the reflection of yellow leaves, but I found the predominant elements to be the symmetry of the hill reflected in the water along with the texture of the cloud dappled sky.

This experience has been a good example for me of how different the camera lens and human attention are. As a non-professional photographer, I liked learning that the relationship with image making goes both ways. Both I and the camera influence the image. The image may or may not be whatever accurate is deemed to be. A photograph is not life, it is an artefact that helps with memory after the season has moved on.

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