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Getting Through the Night

I’ve been working on an appliqué that has had twists and turns I could have avoided–sewing, unsewing, repairing it finally. Had I followed what I knew I should do to correct technical problems, I would have arrived at the place I am now much faster. The work I didn’t want to face has not been as daunting as I thought it would be. Hopefully, I have learned something positive. Despite these frustrations, the work helps me deal with this hard time. I’ll show you the piece when I finish it.

Walking among autumn trees has been another major antidote to anxiety over the pandemic, climate change, the tortuous U.S. election and now the seeming attempts at a coup by dt and members of the republican party. The glowing copper, yellow, red, orange, persimmon and remaining green of the leaves on city streets, in the Brickworks Park and the Moore Park Ravine above it have given me solace and joy. And the texture of forest floors covered in soft brown leaves at the Kortright Conservation Centre has been medicine of beauty larger than human suffering.

Moore Park Ravine, October 2020
On a Toronto street, November 2020
On a Toronto street, November 2020
Kortright Centre, Ontario, November 2020

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