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As I’ve been reading over my writing, I’ve decided to put more of it on the blog. Here’s a poem I wrote in 2011/2012 along with an appliqué from 2005.


The fortune reads:

Because of your melodic nature

the moonlight never misses

an appointment.


For years I liked to believe

that I alone had received this secret message

from a renegade worker in a cookie factory

gracing me through something normally banal.

Now that I have awakened

and know that I was not unique

in drawing the moon’s attention,

I am a little let down

like a child looking unsuccessfully for love, for magic,

for the ordinary to tranform itself,

and me,

into the beautiful

into song

into the adored one

who alone can draw the moon into her appointed orbit.


And so I give it away,

the fortune,

in an uncharacteristic act of openness

I throw it, printed a million times,

like confetti,

into the streets below

where the melodies we don’t yet know we hold

gather in the winds

carrying music from our frightened selves

into bridges of meeting.

6 thoughts on “Confetti”

  1. I love the poem and the appliqué Lily. This is one of the reasons I love blogs as opposed to Instagram, i love seeing the words and images together, each enhancing the other 😊

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