Felt & Fabric

Sewing with Poirot

During the pandemic, my husband and I have taken to listening to audiobooks at night. So far, we’ve been listening to unabridged readings of Agatha Christie’s books—mostly to the Hercule Poirot mysteries. I find that during the hour or hour and a half we listen, I think only of the puzzle of who the murderer might be and not of the pandemic.

Though the readings by an actor taking on all the voices are not in any way boring, I am lulled to sleep as I listen, much like a child. So, I’ve taken to doing something while I sit and listen to keep me awake. I’ve mostly done drawings, both of items in the room or designs in my head. But recently I also made this small (around 5” X 7”) appliqué out of wool felt and printed cotton fabrics. Sewing can be very calming in itself and the balanced look of this piece was also calming to do. A small needle and thread doodle!

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