I’m a very slow packer who ponders every possible way to prevent damage when I’m mailing artwork or the card decks I sell on etsy. But earlier this week I did send 3 relief prints to another international print exhibition–the eleventh Biennial Miniature Print Exhibition. It’s held in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada, with the exhibit traveling to several galleries in western Canada. And it’s a show I’ve entered twice before and have been fortunate to have work accepted both times.

The 3 prints I’ve submitted are ones I’ve shown on the blog before, though in earlier stages. All relate to my concerns about global warming. I’ve printed them in small variable editions and I renamed the first one Facing Extinction because the older title 60% – 40% referred to a statistic about wildlife mortality rates that might not be readily known. I’ll find out in early June if any of the prints are accepted. Here they are:

Facing Extinction, Relief Print ©Lily S. May, 2018
Smarten Up, Relief Print ©Lily S. May, 2018
Mercy in Dire Times, Relief Print ©Lily S. May, 2019

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