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Back Again

I’m still out here. I’ve been ill off and on but now I want to show you what I’ve been doing over the last month.

First of all I received the catalogue for the international miniature print exhibits that I was in. It was fabulous to see one of my prints among so many excellent works.

Next, here’s a lino block I am in the process of carving right now. Soon I’ll be printing it.

3 thoughts on “Back Again”

  1. Never having heard of BIMPE, I looked it up to see what qualifies as a miniature. It turned out to be a print not larger than 10cm x 15cm. Did that size limit restrict your choice of subject?

    1. Hi Steve. I didn’t feel restricted in my choice of theme. The size of the print did, however, influence the design. I believe the catalogue is online if you’re interested. Some of the detail that the printmakers put into such small spaces was absolutely amazing.

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