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The Print That Got In

I’ve just gotten back from a wonderful trip to Italy–somewhere I’ve never been. I didn’t draw while there but saw some fabulous artwork and architecture and took many photos that I’ll be showing here.

On returning home I saw that a catalogue had been produced for BIMPE X, the miniature print exhibit I’d entered in the spring. All I knew was that at least one of my submissions had been accepted, so I scrolled through the online version of the catalogue until I found my entry. And, as often happens in life, I was in for a surprise. It turns out that the chosen print was the simplest and most straightforward of the three I had entered and the one I least expected to get in. Here’s to the merits of simplicity.

To see the great full catalogue, go to:


8 thoughts on “The Print That Got In”

  1. In submitting a selection of photographs for magazine articles, I’ve sometimes been surprised by which ones get picked. The chosen ones are not always the ones I think are best. Oh well, the Romans had a saying about it: De gustibus non est disputandum, There’s no arguing about tastes.

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