At Riverdale Farm

I could probably have called my entire blog “Wandering Around.”  So, here’s more wandering photos from this past Saturday when I went to Riverdale Farm, a small urban farm that was once the site of a zoo in Toronto.  Now, it is home to beautiful gardens and a few non-human animals who shelter in barns and graze in paddocks. Last Saturday many parents and small children were there enjoying the sunshine and other animals.  Most of us were taking photos.  Here’s some of mine, including humorous scenes of the sheep eating away.  I love those animals and have become closer to them in recent years through felt making.






2 thoughts on “At Riverdale Farm”

  1. I love Riverdale Farm. I have many fond memories of many visits with my children when they were young. The photo of the 2 hinds of the sheep facing each other while eating, is hilarious.

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