By Our Hearts

These days I seem even more engaged than before in reviewing my art work. I believe this is a life review of sorts since the work spans decades.  This week I had a look at my old sketch books. The drawing in this post is a recent one from around 2011. I’m guessing that’s the date because of other sketches I dated in the same book. Again, I had forgotten it was there and am glad to reclaim it. It’s part of a story I was writing that I considered also illustrating, but did not. I’ve been thinking of returning to the story and seeing if I can resurrect it and reshape it more to my liking. Meanwhile, here’s the sketch for you. I made it mostly with Faber-Castell Pitt markers which I find very enjoyable to work with.

Felt marker drawing--It is by our hearts that we shall be known--©Lily S. May.
Felt marker drawing–It is by our hearts that we shall be known–©Lily S. May.

4 thoughts on “By Our Hearts”

  1. I think reviewing art work is always beneficial: it helps chart progress and analyzing past mistakes and successes is a useful learning tool. Sometimes also we can become inspired by a past piece and this spurred on to try something new or take the old idea in a different direction. I had to review all of my art work as part of emigrating. I knew I couldn’t ship all of my art work so I had to go through decades of art work making decisions as sorting the wheat from the chaff. In the end I shipped my best pieces but I also stored some other pieces in my in-laws’ attic which weren’t so good but which were useful in charting progress or as “try again” inspiration.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree with you and find that reviewing the art work reflects not only my skill levels at different times of my life but also my emotions.

  3. This drawing with its accompanying words is very poignant. It makes me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time as I reflect on what it means to me. Thanks Lily for sharing it. I love the surprise of coming across a truism that holds so much meaning,

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