Art Give-Away

This past weekend, I held an art give-away.  Over time, I’ve sold some of my work, but after decades of making linocuts and woodcuts plus painting, sewing and felt making I have accumulated a vast amount of work.  So, I decided to keep a copy of each print for myself and to offer the others as gifts to those who wanted them.  I also included a few early drawings, some paintings and wall hangings. It was a great experience.  My plan is to hold give-aways every few months until I make a serious dent in what I’ve been storing in boxes, portfolios and closets.

In preparing for the event, I began organizing and carefully storing my work in a way I hadn’t before. The process of reviewing my life’s work to date has been worthwhile.  At times I came upon works I had forgotten I’d made, such as the gouache painting in this post from the 1990s.

Gouache Painting, ©Lily S. May
Gouache Painting, ©Lily S. May

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