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Ink & Watercolour Paintings & My Several Names

Ink & Watercolour
Ink & watercolour painting by Lily S. May, 1987, under birth name

I came upon these two sketch/paintings I made in 1987.  They’re in watercolour with ink lines.  I enjoyed making and, now, viewing these paintings because I made them with a certain amount of freedom.  I didn’t sketch the images first, but applied the watercolour and ink directly to the paper.  The images turned out less constrained this way and feel, to me, more lively.

Ink & Watercolour
Ink & watercolour painting, Lily S. May, 1987, under birth name

A note about my names:  you may be able to see that the signatures on my earlier work do not read Lily S. May.  Instead, as in these paintings, I signed them with my birth name, Susan Barsel, or initials.  Some of my early prints are signed the same way or with two versions of my former married name:  Susan Herman and Susan Barsel-Herman.  I didn’t formally change my name to Lily S. May until the mid ’90s.  So, all these names refer to me, just at different times in my life.

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