Some Line Drawings

I haven't done line drawing in a while and thought it would be helpful to begin again. It's a way of grounding myself in the present and seeing what's in front of me. Here's several drawings I've done this week with black pigment markers. I found them calming to do. This first one is in… Continue reading Some Line Drawings

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Learning 2

Here's what I'm working on now--a variation of the piece I showed in Learning. This time, I've used only the watercolour crayons, both wet and dry. I'm slowly building up colour and texture and paying attention to shapes. I believe the piece is a work in progress--the more I contemplate it, the more aspects I see… Continue reading Learning 2

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Hansel and Gretel

This week, I happily received the copy of Clive Hicks-Jenkins' book, Hansel and Gretel. In it, he has brilliantly reimagined the fairy tale.  I ordered it last week from the U.K. and it arrived faster than some packages from other parts of Canada! Clive Hicks-Jenkins is one of my favourite artists. He shows a wide array… Continue reading Hansel and Gretel