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Seen in Kew Beach Park

Still on the tree theme, here's a photograph I took today in Kew Beach Park in the Beach, Toronto. I was first drawn to the shapes formed by the overlapping branches of the central tree and the one to its left.  Like diamonds forming or coming apart.  These trees are some of my favourites and may be cypress… Continue reading Seen in Kew Beach Park


Kapok Tree at Cinnamon Bay

In the 1970s, I visited The Virgin Islands several times to see my parents who had moved there. Trees have always given me great solace and joy. There was an enormous kapok tree on the island. I loved that tree and used to go see it and photograph it whenever I travelled there. I often walked between… Continue reading Kapok Tree at Cinnamon Bay


In the Sea

As I meander through the work I've done, I wanted to show you a linocut I made in 1973, two years into first taking up printmaking and signed under my former married name. It's the last copy of the edition that I have and is framed behind glass. So the photos here have some reflections in them.… Continue reading In the Sea