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Ice Sculptures

I was downtown today when I remembered that there was an ice sculpture festival in Yorkville this past weekend. Because it's been colder than usual this winter in Toronto, I knew the sculptures would be in excellent shape. And they were. I now realize that photographing ice sculptures isn't easy. The light needs to be… Continue reading Ice Sculptures

drawing, Painting, Poetry

The Road

Last week while looking through the sketchbook in which I found the artwork for my previous post, I came upon a drawing I had forgotten. A few years ago I used the drawing as a starting point for an oil painting. The painting was, in its style, unlike other work I had done.  In the painting,… Continue reading The Road

Felt & Fabric

Playin’ Around

When I was making fabric quilts and appliqués in the '90s, I became interested in old folk dolls and puppets. I made one or two simple puppets at the time. This is one of them. It's a cross between a doll and puppet. The head, which is stuffed with batting, sits on a piece of… Continue reading Playin’ Around